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The plaintiff was conducting a clinic to teach contraceptive methods

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tinence, changes in salivation, slurred speech, tremor, vertigo,

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December 11th, a. m.: Pulse, 104; temperature, 99.7° F. She has slept well all night

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is consequent on neomembranes of the pleura and of the tunica vaginalis ;

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examination showed that the uninjured foot manifested a

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learning their methods, and under her treatment, was

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her dead. On being charged by the family with causing the

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the soles of both feet on walking a few blocks for the last three or

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largements, where the vesicular matter is most abundant, the

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from an affection of the heart. It is consequently an error to

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Lymph Nodes. — (1) Some degeneration and phagocytosis centrally

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producing much effect on the heart-rate. Apart from auricular fibrillation, it

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physician, and Dr. Nance's experience is in its favor.

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are diachylon, freshly made from purest olive oil; oxide

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the State Board of Health's Reports, llie uumber of

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sires, shown by their keen searching investigations into the cause of dis-

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of his rights. He derived a large income from the sale

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i. Stnibell, A.: Ueber refraktometrische Blutentersuchungen, Munchcn. med.

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again. The movements of the pigment granules within the pig-

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print. — Millikcn (S. E.) Separation of both ends of the

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Freshman Prize; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa;

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in a galvanized iron garbage can or other similar container and the opening covered

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ington, D.C. Hilton on September 6 immediately following the national

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attributes uremia to nephrolysins. It has been shown that just as when

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a peculiar interest for me, as I had a case, exactly similar in