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atrophy was regarded as secondary to the lateral sclerosis, and hence

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quent ; some are constipated, others have diarrhoea.

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domen. The right side of the abdomen was occupied by

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contractions are suspended, and the circulation terminates. A

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dering gastroenterostomy the operation of necessity.

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dition present one must be guided by the amount of spasm. If it is

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arm type, the supinator longus is likely to be involved in this variety. Of

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Dr. Williams — The provinces will agree, if they go into Dominion registration, that

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analysed by those havuig a full cognisance of their bases.

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Dr. Conant was connected with several of the medical societies of

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persist, and the cornea became hazy and the vision diminished, a sclerotomy

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swelling, viz., that it was due to the presence of the malformation

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