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down the floor for hours, and this habit growing, he was com-
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1898. Balliet, Tilghman M., A.M., M.D., Professor of Therapeu-
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less altered. Take the lungs, in the next place. There is generally
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is often a failure of synchronism in the closure of the valves, causing
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Should the eruption be attended or followed by the intense
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tends to remain elevated for about three days after which there may be
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The public health laboratory established in Monroe bv
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Diseases of the Ear. By Edward Bradford Dench, Ph.B.,
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authorities of the general hospitals and the workhouse infirmaries, for the
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there had been some renal insufficiency. Her death had been
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include those organisms which consist of a single cell. In the bio-
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especially adapted to ureteral catheterization, and also of value
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hepatitis ? As these cases have fallen under my observation and treat-
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D trap ; that the rarefied air of the house did not, and could not, exert any
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fifty dollars. " Why," said the father reproachfully,
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doubled I» a few years, our manufactur- health-seekers, that I have thought it worth
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As an instance of this I would like to give this case, w^hose story
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are most commonly prescribed in combination with a considerable
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the Censors to the State Medical Society of the State
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is not until the sore is established, that the attention of the patient or
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hoves the surgeon to eflect the radical cure | exuded lymph and coagula, or open up the
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poliomyelitis. Before proceeding to describe the inoculation experi-
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Subnormal temperature, a continuation of a contribu-
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to the patient. Some of them, however, require as many as fifteen to
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imperceptible during inspiration — pulsus paradoxiciis. It is sometimes
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of such Fellow on the list of candidates for office, provided that the Fellow
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the fact of its presence in injurious excess is shown by
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a mild form — you know that Eva hardly went to bed at all?" The phy-
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that memorable night bya revered father, then an accoucheur
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history of acute illness in the individual, notably influenza or typhoid
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cous lining was found, deviation of the septum posteriorly,
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inative newspaper correspondents to the effect of poison
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Experiments on the behaviour of fluids injected into the cranio-