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<:^China. Imp. Customs. Med. Rep., Shanghai (1880-81), 21. Issue, pp. 50-

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tuberculosis, and some antagonism is said to exist between them. The

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that toxic volatile substances exist in the perspiration, but this is unsup-

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5. Persons not included in the above four classes in accord-

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plantar surface of the foot first affected, near the base of

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he believes to be the cast-off periplast from which the parasite has

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Comparative statement of cases of Contagious Diseases

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so early an age, though, in all probability, such cases may

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uterus becomes small, and the vagina atrophied. Often

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more than a liter while the low barometric pressure was being held.

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were by suicide, 724 ; hydrophobia, 35 ; casualties, 503 ; murdered, 422,

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ture and conformation with which they are indissolubly connected.

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The General Medical Council: President's Address. —

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sulphate of magnesia with aromatic sulphuric acid. Another

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all, depleting and exhausting courses of baths and hydro-

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Common House-fly (Musca doniestica)," Newstead, 1907-9.