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already indicated, a parenchymatous neuritis, generally
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It was of a bluish colour. The mucous membrane of the
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We feel called upon to express our admiration of the manner in which the
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abdomen, a ropy, chocolate-colored fluid was drawn out ; but it con-
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aneurism of the arch pressing on the recurrent nerve. The case
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17. Fermi and Pernossi, Ztschr.f. Hyg., 1894, 18, p. 106.
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tolerable well otherwise, do not feel disposed to take medicine. In an
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stance of the brain. (D. W. Prentiss, Amer. .Tourn. of Med. Sci., April, 1882.)
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a whining mood, obstinacy, indisposition to play, sudden starting when
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tinued for some time until the secretion is arrested and the gland resumes
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afterwards killed at intervals varying from fifteen minutes to three
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at times quite clear, and again turbid. There was in
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was no bile, but tbe dingy fluid usually passed from the bowels made thick