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With such a spirit as is manifested in the above, pervading the pro-

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MuUer** (1867) observed that fat extracted from skimmed milk is

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that the Streptococcus pyogenes and the Streptococcus lacticus, the

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or pus ; sabulous l^om the deposition of solid matter — pigment, or choles-

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sores and ulcers. It is often applied to the part on gauze or

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viz., twenty injections in four months in a pregnant

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Glasgow M. J., 1888, [4.] s., xxix, 433-43.5. — Richard.

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mncus. 1), a bloodvessel. X ^f, reduced >^. (Green.)]

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and is believed to have been due to a congestive chill.

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the 22nd. I could not make out that there was any pylephlebitis or other

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Robbie being a minute man, and seeing no signs of the remedy being put in

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recall the work of our benefactors, the pioneers and makers of

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March 25th, the death-rate was 20.9. Deaths reported 4,13l>;

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patients became free of granulocytopenia and fever. This material was

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among the students, who are being vaccinated as rap-

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initiation fees ; they shall not be subject to assessments ; but they shall

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treatment of wounds, whenever they are sufficiently

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herniae and adhesions in some instances are unavoidable. The prime

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Pavia, 1891, xii, 02-69.— Bola (P.) Cysticercus subrc-

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should have on our practice. A man of the 93d Highlanders was wounded by

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the history of the patient, and if there is proof of iatemperance,

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injected into the tissues in 10 per cent, solution. This latter

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first, that kalagua is not toxic for dogs, rabbits, or horses.

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size in which the fundus is figm"ed is nearly the same as that actually

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the point of election, but did not, and the patient sub-

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of which he appears to have made excellent use. He lived

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of course, on the patience and capacity of the teacher ; but the ultimate

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The bark of Rhamnus Frangula Linne (nat. ord. Rham-

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dation ; the function of fecation is suspended. In these cases it is to be

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By faithfully adhering to these rules, the author has been invariably

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New York : New York, April 18-27, 94 cases, 18 deaths.

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mellitus represents the discovery during pregnancy of preex-

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ratively or literally, but he thought favorably of its use