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cheeses not treated with paraffin were covered with mold.
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Ejects water soon after swallowing it, if taken more than a few
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month ; hut the larger proportion of cases continued well many years afterwards.
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radium has been employed, no appreciable effect was noted in cases
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19//?. Appearance somewhat improved ; arm less inflamed.
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determined and recorded in the same manner. Place a trial frame
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patient at times screamed violently, and was with difficulty kept in bed.
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He then presented the tullowing Plan for better regulating the Practice of
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State or provincial authority provided for by law. After being disin-
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pital and Lecturer on Clinical Medicine; Censor, Royal College of Physicians
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Bullard, G. F., Elizabethtown, N. C. Med. Coll., 1915 _ _..1915 1916
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newly-born epistaxis appears to be idiopathic, careful exami-