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prescribed the fluid extract of guarana, Caswell & Hazard's Elixir

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It is sometimes (I say) found to be so ; but neither always

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62. — Pitsch. De I'emploi du bromure d'6tliyle comme

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rest in the horizontal posture should be insisted on. Some of the patients

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need not again be enumerated. The woman above 25 years

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We have alluded to the views of M. Hahnemann, however, chiefly for the

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reactions strongly suggest the presence of typhoid fever.

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practices may increase the chances of developing AIDS, although this has not been proven. It is important to

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Removal of the blood for the purpose of chemical examination, see p. 731.)

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and cattle, 20 grains to 1 dram ; sheep and swine, 5 to 20

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children. — N ederlandsch Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde.

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