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which gives us the greatest anxiety — the more so because we gener-

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with severe cerebral disturbance; and, as these statistics

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Barbarians in swarms, from the forests of Germany and

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constipation or dysentery, and who were in good health at the

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occarrence. These experiments had shown that, whereas bacteria could not

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liberal, is at any rate a fair one, and is very much in excess of

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the former were males; the first was a female. It is only necessary

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was knocked senseless. I saw the patient five hours after receipt of the

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symptoms which can be determined by applying such mod-

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perience level of the study group. Those patients who had

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symptoms were modified. Finally, the spasms relaxed, and for-

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and the paternity was actually disputed. (See p. 843.) According to Donn6,

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fluid, a hard-rubber stem (e) for conveying the fluid out of

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question of intervention ought to be decided, for if we

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Carbohydrates possess value in the classification of bacteria through

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characterized by most violent delirium, with hallucinations of sight and of hearing.

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especially hsemorrhages in the fundus. Such patients commonly suffer

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feel the ovary as an egg-shaped body, which slips beneath the fingers.

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the Report of the " Proceedings of the American Public Health Asso-

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M. Borelli, the celebrated Surgeon of Turin, has, during

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Half-past six. — Temperature 94 ; pulse very small and very frequent.

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fifty-fifth day ; and there were three well-authenticated

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of interest to know that it did at last spontaneously yield. The pa-

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involved alone, and also, on account of its many connections (with the trigem-

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for urgent cause. 'A normal uterine wall was often found in cases

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Having made some enquiries into the prevalence of fever in Ireland in