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families. The sympathy which a nurse should have for her patient

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On June 26, 1894, chloroform was administered with the

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Robert Hutchison (p. 86) ; Professor C. J. Martin, F.R.S. (p. 87) ; Dr.

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proliferating epithelium into the blood and lymph paths, is

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means of plaster of Paris splints applied to the ankle. However,

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therapeutic armamentarium, as had been the fate of many other

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showing the difficulties which encompass the path of medical science, and

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that cases of another class are due to the sudden occurrence of a

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ward pressure on the posterior palatine pillars than by

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It is not, however, my present purpose to discuss at

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from one cause only — you must take into account the whole

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ration labored and stertorous. From time to time the spasmodic action

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justified at the peril of the patient's life in restraining the surgeon from

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and Ear Hosjjital, department for Nervous Diseases, October 6, 1879. He was

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