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Lymphoma or Lymphosarcoma. — Our series includes 2 cases of lympho-
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Edinb. M. J., 1896-7, xliii, 228-237, 4 pi.— IVagrl (W.)
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incapacitate him for labor on the bench. But soon accompanying the
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9. Inflammation of the great trochanter cannot properly be said
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The results of this study show a considerably lower
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6. On traversing the septal skin of the endosmometer, chloro-
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2. For purposes of management. • — (a) In overcoming the morbid
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addition to the usual curvilinear cut over the occipital ridge (" cross-
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Chronic Interstitial Nephritis. — R. Alexander Bate
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mouth, in dental caries, following the administration of pilocarpin,
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perforative uloer and chronic intractable ulcer and discusses
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jection to temporary influences may upon reversion to a more normal
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following one, or if necessary, two injections of CCK