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See Legry and Regnault, Compt.-rend. Soc. Biol., 1902, p. 567.

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It is well recognized that mixed infections are usually present in infectious

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Deutsche med. Wchnschr., Berl., 1882. viii. 652; 668 —

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Dr. a. E. Hoadley read a paper with the above title, in

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narcosis the pains again become more active. The sum-

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While preparing that communication a newspaper item

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and set to work with a full programme on October 3d.

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order, giving our best to those who seek our wares, and if we

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in the urine in ten cases, in four in considerable amount.

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diseases. Sanitarium and asylum records show that acute mania

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some difficulties in this respect, and it is principally the

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hanging about the chest in shreds " after the fashion of

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plasma, complex in its constitution, derived primarily from the blood circulating thro;^l»

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instead of emerging from beneath the transverse mesocolon to the left of the

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ened and improved. When Huxley himself left Charing Cross Hos-

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unknown etiology; it is characterized by marked and persistent enlarge-

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looked into, and was found to be perfectly wholesome; it was obtained. from

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tion and occlusion of the bronchioles by mucopus, is a not uncommon and

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years the average of suicides in Switzerland has been 650, a proportion

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* Designation - Twenty metropolitan counties were designated in Wisconsin in 1993.

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joints in 3.2 per cent., the urogenital organs in 2.2 per

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slower of course in their accomplishment, demonstrate also the effects of a

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Freeman, Dr. G. R. Morehouse, Dr. Geo. F. Fort, Mr. T. C. Neil.

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communities to consider implementing a contact tracing and