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namely, that the antiscorbutic property of milk is apparently de-

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" Report on the Condition of the Insane Poor in the

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20. Van der Woude FJ, Rasmussen N, Lobatto S, et al: Autoantibodies against

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which the supervention of ursemia may account for these results, they may

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ther, they are complicated and difficult to carry out. The American

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Louis, Double Nasal Atresia, due to Smallpox. I. N. Love, St. Louis, Tu-

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friction of the chest wall with a rough towel to stimulate

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mycology. He referred the specimen to Sterigmatocystis

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Clinically, there are some cases where it is almost impossible to diagnose

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of physicians to confine themselves within the scope of

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and may be useful because of its calming effect upon

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He enters the mouth and gropes his way along the alimentary canal

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of a not very severe type. The frequent herpetic eruption near the com-

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described by Plato in the case of Socrates, resemble as nearly as possible

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ing from enteric fever. 'In all, five cases (males, aged from

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Much has been said of the laws of epidemics, but no confidence is

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side. Severe internal spasms, and breathing irregular and difficult.

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eral serious misstatements which appear in an editorial

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health this acid is also oxidized and converted into carbonic acid

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insomnia, he cited one in particular in which

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in the formation of the blood, in the intestinal and mesenteric glands,

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nine children and three miscarriages. No history of syphilis.

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