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of my sportsmen friends drank freely from the running
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But, farther on, he says : " The war has produced some mental disease. The
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patients for the most part have come down from the front. On
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Davies said that exhaustion of susceptible material met the difficulty of the
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the shadow. And this in a case recently examined is precisely
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town Medical College provides that an examination in the
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of graduation in arts, philosophy, science, or medi-
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The American Journal, cannot fail to be of the utmost value to physicians who would
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be allowed to reach this stage and none need if the possibility of renal
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heart was still contracting with excessive force, and with the
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and 29 of acute or subacute character. In the former, the chronic,
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thickened capsule, the atrophy of some of the glomeruli,
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of the incision. She had for years also suffered from
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he felt this project must be undertaken at an early
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{10 right, 10 left) ; haemorrhage at the base, 35 times ; into the ventricles,
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discussing the more important pernicious forms. According to L.
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and the medicine is readily diffused. The patient is also
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extract, as produced by me, and into which absolutely na
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year and in the past, are also of great interest. Time and space, however,
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Atrophy oi the Liver; Dr. W. Hale White* has articles on Perihejiatitis and
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may heal spontaneously, if there is no suppuration of the wound.
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ment of disease. South African M. J., Cape Town, 1898,
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population), the corresponding statistics are 9.6% 12 and
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the Administrative Council, followed by a similar offering for head nurses.
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favourably. Hemiplegia, ^vith or -nathout aphasia, is an occasional sequela,
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Pertinent History: Section 1395oo of the United States Code (U.S.C.) provides
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we stopped going to church at that time." He also said
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interpretation this 'is not feasible, and yet it is entirely possible to
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preliminary to one or other of the following results, namely: —
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only a few uncorroborated ones. No. 7 is distinct and corrobo-