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priety ; but if you depend on these at the bedside, you will, in the

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Thomsonian System in Michigan, and but nine months since the or-

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4. Reflex pain, &c., in the opposite limb. Case IV., p. 310.

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to be sent out except letters which had been first dipped in vinegar. The

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intestinal mucous membrane, and which, in all of the above-

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non-plethoric condition of the patient ; the existence of no

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23B. On Catheterization of the Uterus. Prof. A. L. Valenta 227

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gritty. In some cases it has turned to pus, with lumps of cheesy

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insects were dead ; and in six even the eggs had lost their vitality.

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be very dry on the surface. This can be best done by pouring the melted agar

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refer the reader to a i)revious section (page 61) . In this connection

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rings round it. Every surgeon knows how very difficult they

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recent formation. This lung was healthy, with the exception of two or

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progress of pathology, the advance of therapeutics, and still

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supervened. From a variety of circumstances, this fit was

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by anodyne powders or salves covered with a dressing. Anodynes interniDy

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Bemerkungen uber die Anwendung der Gelatine bei Blutungen. Munchen,

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Both McHardy's perimeter and Frost's artificial eye

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observed in other intoxications, such as alcoholism, saturn-

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In conjunction with the above, I would only refer to Kessel's method of

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relatively greater during the recent epidemic than for

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identity of varicella and varioloid, relate to the clinical history, and upon

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form of the urates of soda and lime takes place within and around the